About Best Bark & Stone

It all started in 1999 when a young kid had an idea of how he could make a little extra money. With help and encouragement from Mom & Dad, Matt set up a small shack near the side of the road to sell some mulch. Along with the hard lessons learned that first year, he quickly realized having his own business was actually pretty cool. Each successful year brought on more ideas for the next, to keep growing and serving the community he grew up in. Even though it was a lot of hard work and sacrifice, it is also with a commitment to God and His blessings that helped make Best Bark & Stone successful.

Now more than ever, we are just as proud to be local, stay local – because you are important to us. We truly appreciate every customer, every business and every organization who trust BB&S for landscaping supplies. It’s truly been a pleasure meeting and talking to so many folks over the years and learn about the people that make this great community work.

Best Bark & Stone early days
Best Bark & Stone early days 3

1st Year in Business, 1999

Best Bark & Stone early days 2